Meet The Artist

Kara McCutchen


Hi, I'm Kara McCutchen, an Idaho Native born and raised in the mountains, living in the lovely city of Boise and adventuring anywhere I can. 

I picked up a paint brush for the first time in May, 2016 when my mom gifted me a travel watercolor palette and journal. She thought I would have fun painting on backpacking trips and my many other adventures. Little did either of us know what kind of a passion it would turn out to be for me. I painted my first plein-air painting the next weekend during a backpacking trip in the Owyhee Mountains and have been hooked ever since. 

Growing up I was never far from nature; it was literally right outside my back door. As an adolescent I spent most evenings after school riding horses with my mom on trails that wound around the mountain next door. The awe and wonder I felt while out in nature as a kid never seemed to leave me. Painting has become a means to capture that feeling and share it as I experience it. 

When I'm not painting, I work as a Research Analyst to pay the bills, and backpack, snowboard, climb, bike, and paddle to feed my soul. 

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